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Fading Kingdoms is a multi-award winning fantasy/adventure "audio-verse" available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify! The story consists of main parts & spin-off stories! 

Up next is the first official spin-off story!


A Fading Kingdoms Story


The trilogy

Part One: The Divided

Part Two: The Unknown

Part Three: The Garden


The Story

Four Kingdoms divided by greed and ignorance are withering away. Unbeknownst to one another, each kingdom has sent out one of their own to investigate this mystery. Rumors swirl of a magical garden hidden away in a land afar which might hold the key to restoring their lands. Unknowingly, their only chance at discovering the cause of this dire recession might be each other. They better hurry, the kingdom's leaders grow restless and the garden's light may be fading...


the silver city




Pt. 1 & 2 credits

Narrator/Wandering Witch/Enchanter

                              Daniel Meyers

Durand                                                    Brian May

Coral                                                         Mackenzie Mae Fowler

Bay                                                             Shawn Mims

Bello                                                          James Mulligan

Gurwa                                                      Kyle Ritter

High Intellect Gauron                   Matthew Bartlett

Fathorn                                                   Mark Carroll

Padwin/Docksmen                         Eric Berger

Bardwig                                                  J.I. Starr

Elder Enchanter                                Louise Saint-Claire

Jacques                                                   Zach Cundiff

Falco                                                         Garry Falco

Reef                                                           Nicky Hammond

Simon                                                      Colin Watts

Bartender                                              Danielle Meyers

Father/HI Ray                                    J. Michael Baran

Hella                                                         Naomi Coleman

Pride Member                                    Anthony Orner

Drifter #2                                              Kofi Dwebeng

HI Bourdwa                                         James Simille

General Wellington                       Stewart Magrath

Soldier #1                                              Charlotte Kulak

Fish                                                           Oneal Bryan Lewis

Henly                                                       Alvan Bolling II

Enlightened                                        Tricia Brioux

Mother                                                    Kara Noble

Written, Produced & Directed by Daniel Meyers

Sound Design & Sound Mixing by Brian May

Edited by Daniel Meyers

Music by Kevin Miller & Daniel Meyers

Illustrations by Selena Protic