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a fantasy world filled with action and adventure


where the Podcast Experience meets Cinema

Fading Kingdoms the audiostory is a multi-award winning fantasy adventure available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.  The main adventure consists of a trilogy of feature-film length narratives, including an interlinking prequel story.

Part One: The Divided

Fading Kingdoms explores the cultural divide amongst four great kingdoms during a worldwide agricultural recession. The four kingdoms, once united in decades past, struggle to maintain a quality of life while fending off each other’s attempts to overthrow one another. There have long been rumors about a magical garden hidden away in the "Unknown" that is responsible for all life. In a race against time, each kingdom sends out one of their best to investigate the mysteries behind the recession while tensions amongst the kingdoms rise.

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1 hr 16 min

Part Two: The Unknown

It’s been a few days since fate had Coral, Durand, Bello and company cross paths. The group must venture into the "Unknown" by way of the Magnificent Mountains with the hopes of discovering the cause of the recession. Meanwhile, with resources dwindling and nature behaving erratically, some kingdoms are at the brink of descending into chaos. High Intellect Gauron of the Silver City has Durand’s best friend Gurwa detained, while plotting his sinister plan in secret. The Prairie Pride and Nautic kingdoms are lacking leadership and hope. The days of peace amongst the four kingdoms is nearing its end.

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1 hr 20 min


1 hr 42 min

Part Three: The Garden

After losing Durand to the Enlightened villagers, Coral and company remain lost within the unknown, desperately searching for the garden. With their resources all but gone, the four kingdoms have descended into total chaos. The Prairie Pride are not only feeling the effects of High Intellect Gauron's vile master plan but also an invasion of supernatural foes. Gurwa attempts to infiltrate the underground resistance within the Silver City after nearly being killed by the high guard. If the kingdoms are to be saved, everyone must contribute in this epic conclusion to the Fading Kingdoms trilogy.

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Durand's Demerit:
a Fading Kingdoms Story

A few decades before the saga of the Fading Kingdoms trilogy, we find young classmates Durand and Gurwa, learning a valuable lesson in humility, as more light is shed on the strained relationship between kingdoms. Additionally, a mysterious message is sent, revealing more about Durand's secretive and troubled family history.

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28 min

Podcast Trilogy
Four Kingdom


The Silver City is the land of the Intellects, a population that is known for their intelligence, slender appearance, confidence, and science. But this comes at a cost as the other kingdoms find them to be arrogant. They are ruled by the High Intellect council, an elitist group of noblemen with progressive politics some would argue as being radical. The Silver City is the wealthiest of the four kingdoms and the first to develop a major metropolis.

Prairie Pride are a hardworking people who live off the lands. The Pride at one point in time were the overseers of all the architecture in the known world. Their commitment to their beliefs was the ultimate undoing of trust between kingdoms. Stubborn folk they are, equally as closed minded as the Intellects but over a different belief system. They reside amongst the rolling hills of the Prairies and have developed a complicated residential tunnel system underground.

Island of the Nautics is where the Nautics reside on an isolated chain of islands and wander the known seas living strictly off of wildlife. The only reason they had to deal with those on land is for metals and lumber. They were once a faction of the Silver City who broke away after decades of political infighting. They are calm by nature with similar features of those from the Silver City. They are ruled by a former member of the High intellects, Jacques. Whereas the Intellects and Pride have tens of thousands of citizens, there are only a few hundred of Nautics. Life is hard on the seas.

Enchanter is where the mysterious kingdom of the Enchanters reside. They haven’t made personal contact with any kingdom in over a century. They used to leave medicines and spices as peace offerings, but have gone silent since the start of the recession. They are feared as people believe they delve in dark magic.

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